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Metal Powder coating

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Powder coating in Poltava from Gruar

Working dimensions(width - 1200mm, height - 2100mm, length - 3070mm).

Powder coating is a relatively new technology for creating protective and decorative coatings with powder compositions using polymers. A huge selection of colors, high quality and ease of application make powder painting the best alternative to classic painting.

The principle of coloring is the attraction of charged components of the paint to the product itself. It is mainly used for various metal parts. Especially popular today: powder coating of discs, racks, door structures, gates, sporting goods and other products based on metals and alloys.

The Gruar company provides a powder coating service for discs and other products in Poltava and the Poltava region.

Paint application technology

The process consists of the following steps:

Product preparation. It must be completely cleaned of any dirt, rust, scale, remnants of the previous coating and other things. It is very important to completely degrease the treated surface. To do this, we use special concentrated formulations.

Application of composition. The paint is applied with a spray gun. It provides a uniform and complex application, the absence of gaps and an unnecessarily thin polymer layer.

Polymerization of the powder layer. Powder formulations polymerize under the influence of high temperature - from 180 to 200 degrees Celsius. Time - up to 20 minutes. After that, a dense film is created on the surface of the product, protecting it from external influences and giving the desired color. Polymerization takes place in special ovens.

Technologically, the process cannot be called very complicated. But it requires special technical equipment and technology. Otherwise, the result will be of poor quality. At the same time, the price of powder coating is relatively affordable with the proposed level of coating quality.

Key benefits of powder coating

One of the main advantages of the technology is the minimum amount of waste. As a result, budget overruns can be avoided. You pay only for the result. But besides this, there are a number of other advantages:

staining technology is as automated as possible, which speeds up and simplifies the process;

there are no costs for removing vapors due to the absence of solvents in the composition of the paint;

there are no dangerous compounds in the composition;

the technology is environmentally friendly, the chemical smell is minimal;

the quality of the coating is much higher than when using other painting methods;

hardening of the powder material takes no more than half an hour;

the coating is very durable and protects the products during transportation, storage and operation.

The price of powder coating depends on the dimensions of the covered product, the complexity of the preliminary preparation, the number of application layers and other parameters. We guarantee our customers a competitive price for powder coating of wheels and other products in Poltava and the region with standardized quality.

Contact Gruar at any convenient time. We will discuss the terms of cooperation, the cost of services and options for fulfilling the tasks.

Consultations and order by phone 095 005-00-25.