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CNC milling

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CNC milling at Gruar: features and benefits

CNC milling is one of the most advanced technologies in many manufacturing industries. It is commonly compared to 3D printing. The principles of the techniques are diametrically opposed, but both allow you to create complex three-dimensional products for a variety of purposes.

Today, CNC milling is used in the production of furniture, facades, advertising, exhibition structures, souvenirs and POS materials. But its most important advantage is a large selection of materials that can be used:

— plywood, MDF, wood;

— PVC, acrylic, plexiglass;

— ferrous, non-ferrous metals, etc.

Milling to order according to standard projects or individual developments is possible. That is, the client can provide ready-made 3D models, and we will quickly complete the production. Or we will take over the entire production cycle - from the initial concept to the preparation of the project and its implementation.

Benefits of CNC milling for you

First and foremost is the cost of milling. Many of the products that are produced on CNC machines today were previously made by hand. Handwork is highly valued. For many, it is unreasonably high. 3D MDF milling is a much more affordable alternative. Yes, you will not get the detail that a wood carving master gives. But you will receive dimensional accuracy, quantity and, depending on the need, a workpiece for further manual processing.

Additional benefits:

— Perfect precision. Regardless of whether it is made entirely on a computer or transferred from a drawing.

— There are never steps from the cutter on the parts. Our high-precision machine is designed for professional processing of metals and wood.

— Production is many times faster than analogues. Our machine has high quality servo drives.

— The ability to create volumetric objects of increased complexity.

Plus, CNC milling allows you to achieve almost perfect repeatability of products. For mass production, this is almost the main requirement. However, the technology is also suitable for creating prototypes in a single copy. In any case, the price of 3D milling will be beneficial for the client.

Milling in Poltava with delivery anywhere in Ukraine

Right today, we manufacture constructions of any complexity for our customers: furniture facades, balusters, pilasters, promotional materials, three-dimensional inscriptions and much more. Here you can order stamps, cliches, molds for embossing, cutting materials. We provide services for milling wood, aluminum and other materials. We work with ready-made vectors and create our own upon request. We carry out delivery throughout Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro and others.

We use a productive CNC machine with a working field of 720x360 mm. This allows you to create an object of different sizes - from miniature parts and souvenirs to large-sized products with complex geometry and non-standard design.

You can order CNC milling in Poltava or with delivery to your city on our website or by calling 095 005-00-25.